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The Balanced M;nd and what it means to me.

Although this article moves away from the topic of mental health, my name and logo have become such integral parts of my overall image, that I just wanted share with you all the meaning behind them and why I love them so much.

Firstly, when considering a name, I came up with many ideas but was not sold on anything. I wanted something that promoted conversations around mental health, that said it was ok not to be ok but at the same time challenged concepts such as ‘living with the black dog’ and ‘coping mechanisms’. I wanted to create a community that together, we could look at ways in which we could move towards better mental health without masking our potential struggles. I wasn’t asking for much ay!

Then it hit me! Whenever I was in the depths of depression, the one thing I would wish for is to just feel ‘balance’. I didn’t ask for happy because happy is unrealistic. Not in the sense that I wasn’t able to be happy; as this was not the case. But instead that it is not sustainable to be happy all the time; every minute of the day; every day; and that’s ok. But when I wasn’t happy, I just wanted to feel ‘normal’. To feel satisfied, content, serene even. I wanted to feel ‘balanced’. It was perfect because it was personal to me. To my journey. To the struggles I had overcome to get here.

It isn’t about an arrogant smugness that I have achieved a balanced mind as this is simply not the case. Instead, after therapy, research and a lot of study, it is an ambition, a drive, a purpose even, that together me and my fellow sufferers can aim towards achieving. That by sharing my experience and what I have learned along the way and by looking at different techniques and observations for dealing with poor mental health, that maybe, just maybe, together we can beat this! That the only black dogs we give home to in the future, are the ones that are pleased to see us, instead of the ones we fear that are lurking in the shadow; waiting for our next relapse.

And so ‘The Balanced Mind’ was born.

This went on to evolve even further when I started looking into logo ideas. I played around with brains and scales but none of those projected the meaning behind the name. All I could decide on for sure is that whatever it turned out to look like, I wanted it to incorporate a semi colon in the design.

In grammatical terms a semi colon marks a pause in the sentence where a full stop could have been used to end the sentence. However, the writer instead chooses to add something further. This has been adopted by many as an affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. It symbolises that their story does not have to end here. A symbol so perfect to the cause in my eyes and one that I strongly support. So that is how I became ‘The Balanced M;nd’.

As for the logo itself, the font used in the word ‘Balanced’ is strong and stable whilst ‘M;nd’ seems a little off kilter, something all sufferers of poor mental health would understand. This shows the ambition and the hope in my goal for this blog, which is to support others in moving closer towards a balanced state.

The graphic represents Yin and Yang, which the dictionary defines as ‘two principles, one negative and dark (yin), and one positive and bright (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.’ Thus together they bring balance to each other. A fight against our demons. A sense of hope for happier times.

The detail within the Yin and Yang shows the electrical synapses of our brains that show the power of the mind; the ability we have to create new paths and habits and to overcome the negative thoughts and destructive behaviours of our old ways.

I have to be honest. I never thought I would be someone that would fall in love with her brand. I always saw it as simply a means to be identified. I didn’t realise the power in choosing what I wanted to be identified for and I am proud of what ‘The Balanced M;nd’ represents.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you also find love in ‘The Balanced Mind’.

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